Lenovo showed smartphone-bracelet with flexible screen

Lenovo presented operational prototype of mobile devices with flexible screen. Gadgets were presented within new products presentation “Lenovo Tech World 2016”.

During presentation, one of company representatives bended smartphone on wrist. Prototype crackled a bit, but the screen did not stop to work and it was not broken. At the same time, smartphone were fixed on wrist like bulky bracelet. After that company representative also showed folding in half tablet, which can be used as mobile phone.

Lenovo smartphone with flexible screen

Lenovo notices that presented prototypes isn’t completely operating mobile devices. Nevertheless, on this example company demonstrates one of the possible approaches for designing flexible gadgets.

Previously, there were information that Samsung is planning to present two smartphones with flexible screen in 2017 year. And one of the model is similar by conception to Lenovo folding tablet.