LG released Mosquito Away TV in India

mosquito away TV LG presented unusual TV in India. Besides general TV features, LG Mosquito Away TV can scare mosquito away. Mosquitos are very big problem in India. Last year there was registered the highest level of tropical fever infection in New Delhi – almost 16 thousand incidents. And the reason is in mosquitos.

Mosquito Away TV works permanently

TV has special gadget, which keeps mosquitos off via ultrasound. Producer affirms that such method is the most safe and comfortable for users. It is not necessary to switch on the TV for working of Mosquito Away. Note, that LG used this technology in the line of air-conditioners in 2014 year.

Prices of Mosquito Away TV spans from $400 for 80-cm model to $707 for 108-model. LG emphasizes that Mosquito Away TV was developed and is being produced in India.