Washington meets Olli, a self-driving 3D printed mini bus

self-driving 3D printed mini busNow you can meet at US streets self-driving mini bus Olli created by Local Motors in cooperation with IBM. Local Motors is responsible for creation of mini shuttles, which contain up to 12 passengers. Separated details of self-driving bus are being printed on 3D printer during 10 hours. Then they are being brought together within an hour.

self-driving 3D printed mini bus - 2Supercomputer IBM Watson executes control over Olli. Thereby, all information is being gathered from 30 sensors to a single processing center.self-driving 3D printed mini bus - 3

Electric self-driving bus with 12 seats will be an exclusive for Washington citizens and guests as yet. By the end of the next year, such buses will appear in Miami and Las Vegas. Nowadays Local Motors negotiates about promotion of its electric buses in other regions, including Berlin, Copenhagen and Canberra.

How self-driving bus works

self-driving 3D printed mini bus - 5You will be able to catch Olli at the bus stop, as well as call up it by the smartphone (similar to Uber system).

self-driving 3D printed mini bus - 4Thanks to IBM developments, self-driving bus can understand voice command about destination point, and also it can tell to passenger about its working principles. Moreover, you will not need to pay fare by cash. Sum will be written off after the end of your way.