New photo-editor for iPhone “blew up” Instagram

At the beginning of June, new application “Prisma” for editing photo appeared in App Store. And it has already become very popular among Instagram users. Uniqueness of application is in using neural networks for transformation of ordinary photos into real artworks. You can spend much time, using different filters and choosing best results.Prisma for iPhone - Instagram 1

Turn your photo into amazing painting

As a base for filters, application uses paintings of famous artists such as Roy Lichtenstein, Edvard Munch, Gilles Vranckx etc. In addition, Prisma supports filters with different styles, for instance, style of Marvell comics. Now you can use more than 20 different filters.Prisma for iPhone - Instagram 3

Founder of Company-developer “Prisma Labs” says that their application not just overlays highly artistic filters over pictures, but redraws them at 100%.Prisma for iPhone - Instagram 2

After you have chosen best filter, you can publish your new “paintings” in Instagram or send them to your friend via mail, iMessage etc. From the 11 of June, when application appeared in App Store, almost 250 thousand pictures with hashtag #prisma were published in Instagram.