New virus attacks Apple gadgets

Fraudsters attack owners of iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and iPod and send spam messages via email. Owners of gadgets affirm that iTunes has virus and recommend to check urgently all personal and banking data.New virus attacks Apple gadgets -2

How is it look like?

Letters are being sent in the name of Apple service. They contain information that user can lose its iTunes account, if he or she does not confirm the data in this account in the short run.

Letter also contains the link to phishing website, which looks similarly to home page of iTunes Connect. Here user is being asked to enter Apple ID and password, as well as personal data.New virus attacks Apple gadgets

Form does not recognize mistakes, so user can write anything. After filling the form, website redirects user to the page of “confirming iTunes account”. Therefore, fraudsters spread information about non-existent virus and get data, which can be both true and not.

How to protect your data

Experts recommend using of anti-virus software with anti-phishing function. To catch fraudsters, you should redirect such letters to