Note-taking apps for smartphones

Note-taking apps 1People use smartphone at work and everyday life, therefore notebook are used only by artists for sketches or by those who like writing on paper. For others we gathered popular and convenient note taking applications for Android and iOS. Due to the high-speed internet, today users can not only make text, but also add pictures and even save them in cloud.


7бColorNote is the most popular app for Android – and not for nothing. In addition, notes visually similar to favorite color stickers, there is also special widget, which enables to fix individual notes on main (home) screen of smartphone, so you will see the content of note. You can also fix schedule with this widget.

It is very convenient if you schedule your day and make out a purchasing list, but you are so busy that can simply forget to launch app.

Moreover, you can write notes with limited access, so nobody can read this text except you. Even screenshot won’t be accessible. And it is in free version.


Google Docs

Though Google Docs is an alternative to Microsoft Word, it is often used as note-taking app. You can think it is strange, but app has synchronization, you can create lists and share your notes by one touch.

In mobile version you have all pros of desktop version — you can invite others to editing and commenting of your notes. In general, you have full-fledged work with document. You can also add pictures and create tables – and it is an advantage as compared to many other note-taking apps.

Only marked shortcoming is simplicity of Google Docs widget – it is a button on the screen for creating new note. On the one hand, it is well – you can immediately create note without unnecessary operations. On the other hand, there are no options and no convenience from fast access, because apps launches fully all the same.

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Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote
Note-taking app from Microsoft differs from competitors with its powerful text editor, which almost entirely replicates Word. In addition, you can add so much pictures, audio files and lists as you want.

Very convenient is badge function, which adds floating fast access button for notes at the screen. You can only create text and take a photo very fast. But you cannot add file or send it to somebody so quick. There is also separate widget with control panel, but it does not differ from analogues of other apps.

Unquestionable advantage of this app is the fact it is free as opposed to many other Microsoft products.

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Google Keep

Google KeepMain merit of Google Keep is a good synchronization. Notes go to cloud immediately, so you will always have access to your drafts. Also in this app you can add to notes your hand-drawn notes and sketches. And even if smartphone does not have stylus, app reads finger-motions very well.

One more interesting feature is reminder by geolocation. For instance, you can create a big purchasing list, and then when you go near previously specified shop, Google Keep will show you a reminder with purchasing list.

Application also has its widget, but it is small grey control panel, which you easily can mix up with some other app. You can change the form of widget, where you will see last notes. But then it takes too much place at the screen.

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Any.doIf you want not to write big drafts for blogs, but create many lists, then is for you.

Very interesting feature is options for sorting of notes: by terms and by topics. It is more convenient and faster then by tags, which you can write in different cases a little bit differently. has nice widget, where the content scrolls. But it takes almost all screen. Thus you won’t put it on your home screen, so there is no point in this widget at all. But there is another useful thing: today schedule are in pulldown, and close by it there is a button for creation of new task.

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SimplenoteBesides of popular note-taking apps with millions of downloads, you can also find interesting novices. For example, Simplenote is very simple but convenient note-taking app with fast real-time synchronization. If you write note in your smartphone, it will simultaneously appear in the desktop program.

It is possible due to simplicity of Simplenote, which allows to add only text in note. You cannot add neither picture, nor bulleted list.

As opposed to other applications in this list, in Simplenote you can set password to whole app, not to individual note. Such solution is more logical.

It is the almost most bounded application by functionality, but it is the best choice for writing text: it has no unnecessary and interfering things.

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App comparison:

Colornote Google docs One Note Google Keep Simplenote
Addition of pictures Many pictures, any place in the text Many pictures, any place in the text Many pictures, all in th beginning of the text
Handwritten notes + +
Widget Notes with text, schedule Button of note creation Control panel Control panel, note with text Control panel
Desktop version + + + +
Volume of free features Complete Complete Complete Complete Incomplete Complete
Security and passwords Password for note Accessible in paid version Password to launch app
Synchroniztion with cloud + + + +
Ability of notes sharing + + + + + +