Big. Bold. Beautiful. Official preview of iOS 10 from Apple

Official preview of iOS 10 from Apple - 1Preview of iOS 10 appeared on the website of Californian giant. Apple start introducing of its new operating system with such words: «Everything you love is now even better with iOS 10, our biggest release yet. Express yourself in bold new ways in Messages. Find your route with beautifully redesigned Maps. Relive memories like never before in Photos. And use the power of Siri in more apps than ever». So there are the most interesting things of iOS 10:

New in iMessage

iMessage has got several new features, which will help you to express your emotions. Firstly, you can send hand-written message to your friends, and they will get this message in animated form – exactly in the way you wrote it. Then, you can use “invisible ink”. This function masks your message, and recipient will be able to read it at a touch. Also you can send greetings in the form of full-screen animation and add a “personal touch” (fireballs, heartbeats, sketches etc.) to your photo or video.Official preview of iOS 10 from Apple - 3

Messages in iMessage became dynamic: you can write your message “loudly”, “proudly” or even “in a whisper”.Official preview of iOS 10 from Apple - 2

Apple developers also take care of your free time: that is why they add to iMessage such features as tapback, which allows sending one of 6 quick answers by one touch, and replacing words with emoji by one touch, thus you do not need to look an appropriate emoji for a long time.

More over, iMessage offers convenient access to apps: you can create and send content, make payments or do other things, do not leaving iMessage.Official preview of iOS 10 from Apple - 4

Smart Siri

Now Siri works with your favorite applications from AppStore. You can ask Siri to request taxi or send money, for instance.Official preview of iOS 10 from Apple - 5

Updated Maps

Use Maps to make orders: book table in OpenTable or request a taxi in Uber.Official preview of iOS 10 from Apple - 6

Now Maps will guess your point of destination and show the shortest route.

Also Maps will show you nearest bars, restaurants or filling stations and even tell you, how much time you will need to get there.Official preview of iOS 10 from Apple - 7

«Smart» house

New application Home allows to turn on the light, unlock doors, and even raise your window shades in your home.Official preview of iOS 10 from Apple - 8

Photos app

Now you do not need to spend hours for looking for specific photos you have made a year ago. You can find a photo by the people or thing on it (for instance, it can be beach, football game, etc.).Official preview of iOS 10 from Apple - 9

New notifications

In iOS 10 you can view photos or video and answer the messages right in notifications. In addition, now iPhone will wake up just by picking it up.Official preview of iOS 10 from Apple - 10

And all notifications will be waiting for you there.

Operations with text

Now typing became even easier. iOS support contextual predictions, so when you write, for instance, something like “We can meet at…”, the Calendar will suggest, when you have a free time.Official preview of iOS 10 from Apple - 11

Another useful feature is multilingual typing — now you can write on two language simultaneously, do not changing keyboard layout.