OnePlus 2 Rumors : Everything That We Know So Far

With OnePlus set to unveil its latest flagship on June 27 at 7 pm PT, OnePlus is leaving no stone unturned to create all the hype a “Flagship-Killer” unveiling usually should have. Be it the release of various features from time-to-time or be it the use of Virtual Reality to take the covers off its new OnePlus 2, OnePlus is surely setting the tone right. While OnePlus One was certainly a hit amongst the Smartphone users for the specs that it offered at the price it came along with a sense of exclusiveness to the device with the “invite-only” purchase mechanism inforced, the first update to the OnePlus series does have a lot of expectations to live upto.

One of the foremost features that helped OnePlus surface along well in this ever-so-competitive smartphone market was the will to keep razor-thin margins in order to bring users the best overall package at the best possible price. While the speculations are rive about a feature packed flagship unveiling, we bring you the list of possible features that may actually power OnePlus 2. Take a look!

OnePlus 2 Rumors : Everything That We Know So Far

1. Screen Size and Resolution


Being one of the most important features of a smartphone, OnePlus is touted to bring the along a 5.5inch Display with a resolution of 1020 x 1920 to power the device along with Corning Gorilla Glass 4.

2. Build Quality

oneplus 2 unveiling

While OnePlus One did came at a nominal price for a flagship phone, it did look the cost once held in the hand. Surely, OnePlus would be looking to bump up the build quality of its smartphones with ever-so-famous metal treatment to its successor or even a bamboo back-cover to give it an exquisite high-end look and feel.

3. Processor & USB-C

Having made an official announcement, a 64-bit 8-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor and USB-C are sure to hit the new OnePlus device. While the new processor is set to provide top-notch performance along with the fix to all the over-heating issues, OnePlus is also bringing in the USB-C support to smartphones. A first! Well this means a reversible charging option along with a support to various new accessories.

4. Micro-SD Slot & Removable Battery


What does tend to take away from a smartphone build-to-a-price is the void of some basic features that must actually feature on it. OnePlus would try and fix these issue with an option for expandable storage via Micro-SD cards and easy accessibility via removable battery.

5. Software & Camera


OnePlus 2 is bound to come bundled with the OnePlus in-house OS, the OxygenOS which is based on Android Lollipop 5.0.2. What really powers this OS is the range of customization options and the agility it brings to the device. On the Camera front, a 16MP snapper is all set to be unveiled at the launch if rumors are to be believed.

6. Price

While one of the USP of OnePlus One was its affordable price which is certainly expected to be replicated at the launch of its successor, rumors have it that OnePlus is expected to launch its new smartphone somewhere in between $400-$450.


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