Ourmine hacked account of Google CEO

Hackers under name Ourmine, which specializes on hacking accounts of celebrities in social networks, added an account of Sundar Pichai, the Google CEO, to the list of their achievements. Hackers have got full access to the account of Pichai at the Quora (service of exchanging knowledges).

Ourmine’s representatives wrote in Quora several publications on behalf of Pichai. According to hackers, they hacked an account through vulnerability of Quora platform, about which they earlier said to company and did not get the answer.Ourmine hacked account of Google CEO - 1

Since account of Sundar Pichai in Quora is linked with his Twitter account, hackers told about break-in to all his 508 888 subscribers. Now hackers’ publications have been already deleted.Ourmine hacked account of Google CEO - 2

These days OurMine positions itself as a security company and offers its services in order “to prevent such cases”. Commenting out to TNW, hackers affirmed that just was making test. “We just check the level of security. We have never changed users’ passwords. We do it because other hackers can hack these accounts and change everything”, — said they.

Ourmine is not the first

“Noble hackers”, which are making tests on penetration for inspection of security of different systems, is quite old concept. First similar case was registered in 1981 year. At that time employee of National CSS reported his employer about password cracker, which he had used at clients’ accounts. As a result, he was rebuked. But not because of using cracker, but because he had not said about passwords vulnerability earlier. Hackers, which act within such ethics, are called White hat.

It is already second time in June, when OurMine hacked account of famous person in social networks. Thus, at the beginning of June OurMine hacked accounts of Mark Zuckerberg in Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.