New rating of most efficient smartphones by AnTuTu version

rating of most efficient smartphones by AnTuTu version - 2At the first half of 2016 year, creators of popular service AnTuTu Benchmark decided to find out, which smartphones are now the most efficient. They published a list of 10 models, which have gained maximum result in benchmark.

Rating is based on results from Antutu Benchmark 6.0. Company concerns to testing very serious. Firstly, falsified results are ruled out. Secondly, to get on list, each smartphone was tested at least for 500 times. The arithmetic average value was used on basis of at least 2000 tests of identical models with the same components.

TOP 10 Performance smartphones

rating of most efficient smartphones by AnTuTu version 1According to Antutu, the winner is OnePlus 3, which is called often as killer of flagships. It gained in average more than 140 000 points. Second place went to Vivo XPlay 5 Elite and third place went to LeEco Le Max 2. All three devices have Snapdragon 820 processor, 6GB of RAM and 64GB of flash memory. Zuk Z2 Pro and Xiaomi Mi5 took fourth and fifth places accordingly.

Sixth place went to Samsung Galaxy S7. It has 134 599 points. iPhone 6s and iPhone SE took seventh and ninth places accordingly. According to test results, they have got 133 781 and 131 401 points. Eighth place went to ZTE AXON 7 (132 217 points) and tenth place – to Lenovo ZUK Z2 (129 076 points). Totally, there are 7 smartphones of Chinese producers in the rating.