Refurbished iPhone 6: what is the difference from used smartphone and how not to buy fake

What is the refurbished or Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) iPhone 6? In this article we will look into differences between these smartphones and new iPhone, tell you how not to catch the fake and see, is it worth to buy refurbished smartphones.
iPhone 6 CPO 1

Differences between iPhone 6 CPO and new iPhone 6

Certified Pre-Owned program was started by Apple as a part of green initiative, within which company try to reuse as much components from its hardware as possible. Generally, Apple recycle old or broken iPhones. However, some iPhones, which get to Apple, do not need utilization. Sometimes Apple exchanges iPhones because of little defect, which can be easily eliminated at factory. Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) exists exactly for such cases.

If one of component in iPhone 6 is found to be defective, or if gadget itself has no heavy damage for utilization, then it goes to Apple factory, where it is being reassembled. Specialists test iPhone 6, find breakage, change broken component, make purge and full testing cycle. In other words, smartphone is being reassembled, and the battery is obligatory being changed. Then iPhone 6 gets new serial number, it is packed up into new box with new headphones, Lightning cable and charger. Per se, it is almost new smartphone with official 1-year warranty, but basic components are from used model, that is why such gadgets get prefix CPO in name and are being sold cheaper than new iPhones.

How to distinguish iPhone 6 CPO from fake?

Besides official Certified Pre-Owned program, stores can renew iPhones by itself, it is normal practice. Nevertheless not every store then tell consumers that it sells used smartphones or that it did renewal by itself. So, let’s look into how distinguish original iPhone 6 CPO from fake. In order to do this, we will analyze both official and fake refurbished iPhone 6.

  1. Pay attention to packaging

iPhone 6 CPO 2Original iPhone 6 CPO is supplied in box, which differs from standard iPhone 6 packaging. Instead of salient smartphone silhouette, it has only inscription (iPhone 6), and below there is written “Apple Certified Pre-Owned”. In addition, iPhone 6 CPO is being packaged at factory, that is why film bears against box and generally has harmonic suture.
iPhone 6 CPO 5 iPhone 6 CPO 3 iPhone 6 CPO 4

  1. Check the status of your smartphone

If you can, check the serial number of your smartphone in Apple website, there you will find information about its warranty and technical support:
iPhone 6 CPO 7 Most likely there will not be warranty for used iPhone 6.
iPhone 6 CPO 8If packaging is OK, dont be in a hurry to buy gadget, but ask to open packaging in order to check smartphone.

  1. Look at film on iPhone 6 body. It should bear against iPhone.
    iPhone 6 CPO 9 iPhone 6 CPO 10
  2. Smartphone’s body should have no damages or scratches. Remember that it is being checked at factory. The same with display. You can see at picture that one of smartphone is fake – display greatly goes beyond body.
    iPhone 6 CPO 11

In addition, after launch, smartphone showed heavy light near top border and very cold color rendering.
iPhone 6 CPO 14 iPhone 6 CPO

  1. Front-camera must be exactly at the center of the hole in which it is installed.
    iPhone 6 CPO 15If object glass of camera is moved in any side, it can be evidence of the fact that body was opened and set in a wrong way.
  2. Lightning connector must be clean. If it has abrasion, it means that it was used repeatedly.iPhone 6 CPO 17
  1. iPhone 6 CPO delivery set must be complete, with new headphones, Lightning cable and charger. They must be packaged accordingly and have no marks of usage.iPhone 6 CPO 20 iPhone 6 CPO 19 iPhone 6 CPO 18
  2. To be sure in smartphone functionality, you should launch it. In a few seconds, Apple logo must appear at the screen. After launching, you can check whether serial number in smartphone settings is the same as serial number in packaging. In order to do that, you should go to Settings – General – About. Serial number in box is on its bottom.

iPhone 6 CPO 21

If you do this simple checkup, you will be able to define, what iPhone 6 is in front of you: used or CPO. Hope that it will help you to save both money and nerves.

Is it worth to consider iPhone 6 CPO for buying?

Main advantage of iPhone 6 CPO against new iPhone 6 is its price. At the same time, you will have the same 1-year official warranty as with new smartphone. Of course, nobody can guarantee that iPhone 6 CPO won’t be broken. Even new smartphones sometimes has defects. However, it is a good chance for those who want to save on buying official iPhone 6 and at the same time get official warranty.