How to repair iPhone cable

Apple accessorizes have very high price, but not always high quality. For instance, original cables for gadgets break down very fast. Today we will tell you how to repair broken cable and save money for buying new cable.
Repair iPhine cable 1

Today we will talk about iPhone cables with thin Lightning connector. As you know, they often break down. First of all, these wires has bad insulation. And when it breaks at bend, cable stop working. Unfortunately Apple has protection against using of non-original accessories. That is why main task is preservation of wire. Key word in this article is so called heat shrinkage.
Repair iPhone cable 2In this article, we will use universal USB cable with three connectors: microUSB, and two Lightning connectors (old and new versions). Cable is intact, but…Repair iPhone cable 3

…but it is not a problem to break it. Insulation in fake cable is very similar to insulation in original cable. Thus, it is not a problem to make several cuts in order to imitate usual cable damages.

So now it is time to repair. We will use ordinary heat-shrinkage tube of appropriate diameter.

For those who doesn’t know: heat-shrinkage tube is a thin walled plastic tube with inner diameter from 1 to 100 mm for insulation wires and other electrical things. With heating (necessary temperature is from 79 to 110 degrees), heat-shrinkage tube shrinks almost twice. After heating heat-shrinkage tube replicates all bends of original wire. It shrinks as tightly as possible without rupture.

Here we use heat-shrinkage tube with 6 mm diameter (it a little problem with stretching it on jack plug, but with bigger diameter there will be more weak construction).

Repair iPhone cable 4 So, cut off a piece of tube of necessary length (from the beginning of the wire to the edge of the insulation damage, with a centimeter reserve). Carefully put tube on connector, fix it by hands or insulating tape.Repair iPhone cable 5Then heat it over any hot object: burner of electric or gas heater, lighter etc. Watch out! Thermocontractable material as well as wire doesn’t like high temperature and open fire. Hot air over flame is quite enough. As a result you will get repaired cable.Repair iPhone cable 6