Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Release Date & Specs (Rumor Roundup)

Going by the trend that Samsung follows for unveiling flagship in its Galaxy Note range, we should be nowhere even close to talk about the unveiling, features, release date, specs, price and what not that are making the rumor market go ga-ga over the release of Samsung Galaxy Note 5. But with reported dipping profits over the sale of Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge and an attempt to counter the sales of the upcoming Apple iPhone 6S/7, Samsung is touted to have shifted the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 release date to be a mid-August launch.

While this segment of smartphones viz ‘the phablets’ came to the fore among much criticism over its usability and mere screen size, we have seen radical evolution of this specific smartphone market with virtually every major smartphone manufacturer jumping in, including Apple. With Samsung still the undisputed king of phablet market, a lot is expected out of the next iteration of the Galaxy Note series, especially after the huge overhaul Samsung has done to its Galaxy S range resulting in 2 of the best phones ever produced by Samsung- Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. Thus, we bring to you every major aspect of the Galaxy Note 5 that is touted to make it to production. Take a look!

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Release Date & Specs (Rumor Roundup)

1. Design :


Well with the release of Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, Samsung brought in a completely new design language to its smartphones, much to the liking of its lovers Worldwide. With Samsung Galaxy Note 5, we can expect the same design language to get carried forward throughout the Samsung smartphone range, atleast on its flagship devices for starters. So, with a glass-aided back, a mettle frame on the sides and a Edge-styled display setup, Galaxy Note 5 is sure to look better than its predecessors, although being more susceptible to damage on being dropped or scratched.

2. Specs :

As per rumors, Samsung is expected to fit in a 5.67inch bright, crisp and colorful (over-saturated to many) Super AMOLED QHD display boasting a 2560 x 1440 resolution to its next gen Note smartphone. Coming to what would actually power this monster under the hood is 4GB of LP-DDR4 RAM bundled with a Samsung-made Exynos 7422 SoC (a reworked version of Exynos 7420 powering the Galaxy S6), touted to be Samsung’s first “all-in-one-solution (ePoP)” SoC with an integrated modem, CPU, GPU, RAM and storage to help it churn out the best performance amongst all the other flagships.

3. Camera :


With the camera unit on its Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge already getting the better of iPhone 6, Samsung surely has made a commanding progess by defeating the undisputed king of smartphone cameras. With its 16 MP rear camera setup mated along with Optical Image Stabilization technology already a winner, Samsung is expected to carry forward the same unit to its Note range with possibly a tweak here and there to tune the overall performance.

4. Battery & Expandability :

While Samsung is still trying to figure out the perfect balance between performance & battery consumption trade-off, it is expected that the Note 5 would bump up the battery size in order to churn out a more optimized battery performance with a battery that is touted to be non-removable. Also, Samsung is expected to revoke support for expandable storage with MicroSD card in this iteration of Note range just like it removed the Water-resistance support on its Galaxy S6 as compared to S5. One step back, two steps forward! That’s how Samsung’s smartphone game may be summed up right now!

5. Release Date :

Give it to the dipping sale profits on Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge or an attempt to hog the limelight before the launch of Apple iPhone 6S (and possibly 6S Plus), it is rumored that Samsung Galaxy Note 5 release date might well have been pre-poned by Samsung to a mid-August launch.

6. Price :

The last iteration of Note range- the Galaxy Note 4 being priced at £629 at launch, we may only expect Samsung to hike the price for Galaxy Note 5 largely due to a overhaul for its design, state-of-the-art internals and a ultra-beautiful display. Rumors have it that that Samsung Galaxy Note 5 may be priced at £649 perhaps.


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