Smart scale will tell you about state of your heart

Withings company, which was bought by Nokia for $191 million, presented new smart scale. Body Cardio measures body weight, determines state of cardiovascular system and correlation between bone, fatty and muscle bulk.

Thin and long-playing smart scale

Smart scaleFirst of all, Body Cardio has minimal design, and its height is only 18 mm. Device also includes accumulator, which you will need to charge in average once per year.

Scale has a little display on its surface. This display shows the results of measurements and other useful information. More detailed data you can find in mobile application. Scale interacts with smartphone via Bluetooth.

Scale determines the state of cardiovascular system on the basis of hemodynamics. According to developers, such systems cost as a rule at a considerable price. However, new technology allowed to build in sensors in device for household use. As a result, cost of smart scale “Body Cardio” is $130 for standard version and $180 for advanced version.