Snapchat has overtaken Twitter. But why?


Bloomberg reports that Snapchat has overtaken Twitter by number of users. Everyday Snapchat is used by 150 million of people, when Twitter is used by approximately 140 million users. You will not find official information about this, but in accordance with Bloomberg sources Twitter has stagnation and progressively loses its users, when Snapchat stably and very quickly involves new audience. Of course, Facebook now has over 1 million visits per day, and it is the most popular social network for many years. However, many people do not understand: why is Snapchat more interesting for users?


There are a lot of materials on this topic, which explain phenomenon of this messenger. Briefly, in Snapchat you send messages to your friends or to your Story, set timer and picture, text or video are being deleted after a given time. There are some pros of Snapchat, which persuade us in trying out this messenger.

Without adults

If looking at social network you are saying something like “I’m too old for this trash”, do not worry – you are not alone. And if older generation found its place in Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, publishing recipes for example, then In Snapchat it’s almost impossible. Try to bring old woman to make selfie, use stickers and then publish all this to everybody just for 10 seconds! In all social networks you have mother, father, uncle, aunt and other relatives as friends. So you will think three times before publishing some your real thoughts or photos from party or something else. In addition Snapchat has very simple system of informing: you get messages from friends and notifications when somebody published something. There are no “you see this because someone liked it” or advertisement.

Fast and funny

Neither million applications for photo and video editing, nor complex texts – just make a picture, add mask or emoji, write something fun and publish. That is all. It takes 3 seconds. And it is convenient for blog: neither cuts, nor audio dubbing. And if you are really interesting for other Snapchat users, they will definitely check your page several times per day with the aim to see novelty (because all content quickly “dies”). You make photo or video within a day and everybody has no more than 24 hours to see this content. Be honest: no one read Facebook or Twitter newsfeed very carefully. Just quick scrolling and stops in interesting points. In Snapchat you do not even need to stop: while you take a look at something, ‘working life’ of photo or video  becoming expired. Masks (dogs, cats etc.), million of pictures and filters – get it all and just have fun. 

Snapchat fun

Needless of words

Of course you can send messages. As much as you need. But there are no texts two metres long. There are no giant comments. Only you and your moment are here. And also someone who saw your publication. By the way, you cannot publish photo or video prepared in advance. Carpe diem!

No past

Maximum time for message demonstration in personal messaging is just 10 seconds. Publication from your Story will be kept within 24 hours, so all your friends will be able to see it. But it also will be available for view for maximum 10 seconds. And that is all. You are of course can make a screenshot. But sender will get a notification about it.

Snapchat timer

Similar to face-to-face communication

You can communicate with not only text, but also with live expression and it is not necessary to do it online. It is like a Skype, but you can answer when it is convenient for you. Here is text, and photo. Or video message. You can do the same in Twitter. But it is like bad manners, because this social network is not about such things.

It is quite natural that Snapchat has so many users, especially younger people. Teenagers like all bright, outstanding things, like to wriggle, send photos to each other, share impressions without spending many time. Here you have the same Story in your profile like in Facebook, but it consists only of impressions, emotions. Here is no politics, no one argues with each others, it is a festival for 365 days per year. Entertainment. And when Instagram is an album with impressions and emotions, also an entertainment, but something like huge digital catalogue with photos from your vacations and memorable moments, so you want to make it more beautiful, select foreshortening etc. It is like a new way of self-expression. But the Story of Snapchat you will not look through at long winter nights, and your children will not inherit any albums.

Snapchat moment

Snapchat is a moment. Live now, share your emotions with people and then let them go. It is like one more reminder about importance of moments. Past has already passed. Future is not exist yet. And when classical social networks train us to get likes and subscribers – in Snapchat it is secondary. Snapchat is a social network, which return to people  the feeling of “here and now”.