Tech Gift Ideas 2015 : Vinyl Skin For iPhone 6s Plus Owners

We’ve all been there before. You breeze through your Christmas shopping early, buying the perfect gifts for your friends, family, and co-workers. Then you realize you’ve missed one last person, and of course, they’re the hardest to buy for. You end up dragging out your holiday shopping until Christmas Eve, looking for inspiration to figure out the perfect tech gift ideas, and then, you’re forced to fight against the last-minute crowds to buy something that you’re pretty sure they won’t like.

This year, don’t stress until the very last second. Stop reading online lists of tech gift ideas/suggestions for that hard-to-buy-for friend, and get your head in the game. You can buy them a thoughtful and useful gift well in advance by focusing on something that they already use in their day-to-day life. If your co-worker, friend, or partner has an iPhone 6s Plus, they likely have it on them 24/7. They use it for just about everything. So capitalize on their mobile addiction and get them a skin for their 6s Plus.

Tech Gift Ideas 2015 : Vinyl Skin For iPhone 6s Plus Owners

Tech Gift Ideas

An iPhone 6s Plus skin is the best way to protect and personalize their phone. Its genuine 3M vinyl keeps scratches, dings, and grime from ruining their phone, so a skin is a gift that has quite a lifespan. Your hard-to-buy-for someone will be touched that you were thinking about the health of their phone, as the addition of an iPhone 6s Plus skin will make sure their smartphone lasts as long as possible. In the long run, this saves them a lot of stress, frustration, and money when they avoid costly damages.

While the durable vinyl reduces damages, it can also be customized to reflect their personal style. The vinyl is a versatile material that can be transformed to look like an impressive list of textures, like zebra wood, leathers, metallic, and carbon fiber. Each of these textures can be injected with some true colours, like green, blue, orange, and red, or you can mix and match pieces of the skin to create a complementary design scheme. For those with an artistic touch, you can make a truly unique and eye-catching skin.

Vinyl Skin For iPhone 6s Plus

Best of all, these skins won’t throw out your Christmas shopping budget. Stick to online retailers that keep their prices reasonable, and you can buy them as stocking stuffers for iPhone 6s Plus owners. Imagine the look of surprise and gratitude on the face of your loved one once they figure out what an amazing gift you’ve bought them. For once, you’ll feel confident about the present you’ve gotten them and feel good about the real meaning of Christmas. So look online and create a perfect iPhone 6s Plus skin for your friend, partner, parent, or anyone else who’s hard to buy for!


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