Tesla Model S for the first time got into a fatal crash

Tesla Model S for the first time got into a fatal crash Tesla informed about the incident, as a result of which the driver of car Tesla Model S (which was in semi-automatic mode) got into fatal accident. Now the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is investigating the causes of accident. There are no details about accident, such, for example, as speed of cars. Accident took place on June 7 in Florida.

Сauses of the accident

According to Tesla management, Model S was moving along the highway, when truck drove out from perpendicular road. Nor autopilot system, neither the driver did not recognize or did not notice the danger. It is probably because of white car body at the bright sky. As a result electric car, not slowing down or not moving away from a collision, at full speed dropped under the truck. The blow of trailer body fell into the windshield.

It is worth to note that Tesla autopilot mode is still in beta stage, and it is disabled by default. Driver can turn it on, but under his or her own responsibility. However, producer reminds, that despite of all advantages of the autopilot, driver must keep hands on the steering wheel and control the situation on the road in order to take control over the situation in case of controversial or unexpected situation.

The victim in the accident is an American Joshua Brown, who was an active member of the Tesla forum on Reddit. Previously, he has published a video at this resource, in which its electric car has gone from the collision in the automatic control mode.

Tesla has expressed condolences to the relatives of the lost. However, it is unknown still whether there was a system fault or there were other reasons of accident.