Inventor of Web thinks that it is time for creating something new

new InternetInternet network created millions of new opportunities for people around the world and made all human knowledges accessible for everybody, who has connection. However, Web did cause problems, which cannot be solved within it. And there is problem not only in great number of cats.

“Edward Snowden showed that we irreversibly created biggest supervision network in the world”, – said Brewster Kahle, Chief of Internet Archive (non-profit digital library of free content). Authorities around the world try to selectively limit access of their citizens to online content, thus forming necessary and advantageous to them public opinion.

Tim Berners-Lee thinks that his initial idea of facilitation of creative manifestation of each individual is completely leveled by today’s way of usage of his invention.

Future information network

To discuss possible conception of creating and operating of future information network independent from control of governments and big corporations, Berners-Lee, Kahle and other eminent personalities, including Vint Cerf (one of the authors op TCP/IP), Mitchell Baker (Head of Mozilla project), Cory Doctorow (special advisor of Electronic Frontier Foundation), gathered at Decentralized Web Summit in San-Francisco (State Of California).

There were also such issues brought up at the summit, which took place 8 and 9 of June: improving of encryption and reporting, decreasing of content creators’ dependency from advertising revenue through development of protected direct methods of payment on the basis of cryptocurrency for subscribers.

“Today’s consumer to get something free have to compromise with marketing machine, trying not to think about what will happen with his personal data, — comments Berners-Lee. — Just imagine the world where payment would be simple for both participants of a deal”.

Despite of such optimistic fact, that these issues are being discussed by so many clever brains, logic prompts us that even absolutely new Internet, created under the slogan “locking the web open”, will quickly become the same littery as it is today.