Unmanned Google cars learned to understand cyclists

Unmanned Google cars learned to understand cyclistsGoogle expanded capabilities of its unmanned cars. Now they can recognize signals made by cyclists on the road.

“Our sensors can recognize signals of cyclists, which indicate their intentions of turning or other actions on the road”, – says Google in its report about progress of project of creation of unmanned cars in June.

System not only understands signals made by cyclists. It “remembers previous signals of cyclist in order to predict, when he or she will make the turn”. Google also works over so that the system learned to see cyclists in the darkness.

Cars and bicycles

“Cyclists are fast and quick. Sometimes they are moving the same fast as cars. But others not always can predict their movements, – says Google report. – Our cars see in cyclists the unique participants of road traffic and learn to move side by side with them”.

Google notes that bicycles become more and more popular in recent years in USA. Number of trips by bicycle increased from 1.7 to 4 billion from 2001 to 2009 year. In the same time, there are a lot of accidents on the American roads with the participation of cyclists. More than 50 thousand of people got an injuries and more than 720 died in such road accidents only in 2014 year.