Uplet: program for uploading photos from PC in Instagram

Many of us have been waiting so long for the possibility to upload photos from Mac in Instagram. And this moment came at last. Uplet has appeared in App Store — it is the instrument, which allows quickly upload pictures from PC in social network.Uplet: program for loading photos from PC in Instagram - 1

Such possibility is already a necessity, especially if you take pictures not only on smartphone, but also on camera. Earlier you needed to choose necessary pictures, upload them in iPhone, edit and publish one by one. Then you needed to delete duplicates and perform many other needless actions.

How does Uplet work?

Uplet: program for loading photos from PC in Instagram - 2Uplet is very simple program. Developers did not make too many functions, thus they concentrated on necessary minimum of interface elements. This program will be an ideal solution for those, who wants just to upload pictures from PC into one’s profile.Uplet: program for loading photos from PC in Instagram - 3

After launching of program, you need to pass a standard authorization procedure in the account. To upload picture, you just need to drag one or several photos in the window of the application or select necessary pictures at the folder on Mac. After that, Uplet will offer you to change size of picture. To do this, you need to click on “quotation marks” in the left bottom corner and choose original size or “square” like in mobile app. Then you just need to write comment, add hashtags and publish in Instagram.

Application serves only for uploading pictures in Instagram. You will not be able to look through pictures in your profile or profile of other person, delete or edit previously uploaded pictures.

You can download basic version of Uplet and use it within 15 days for free. Then you will need to decide, whether you want to buy this application.



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