What is missing in WhatsApp

What disadvantages does WhatsApp versus Viber, Telegram, Skype and other messengers? WhatsApp is the most popular messenger in the world. Despite of that, there are still many complaints on its functionality and security.WhatsApp


Recently WhatsApp has achieved a mark in 1 billion active users. Every day users send 42 billion messages and 1,6 billion pictures. However, WhatsApp has achieved such rates, in many respects being inferior to its competitors in the issues of security.

Stories about cracking WhatsApp appear almost every week since messenger launching. Hackers were cracking encrypted data of messenger with a few operations, downloading viruses on PC through web-version of service, cracking all chats history etc.

In order to increase level of security, recently WhatsApp introduced new mechanism of messages and other information encryption. Due to this mechanism, only sender and recipient of message can have access to data. Hackers and other third parties cannot intercept messages.

But one of the popular security specialists said that this encryption also can be cracked. For instance, founder of McAfee (developer of antivirus software) in front of journalists cracked smartphone with WhatsApp and showed encrypted messages.


One of the main problem of WhatsApp is in rare updating. Many promised features appear after a very long time. For instance, company announced encryption in messenger in 2014 year; however, they showed its final version only in 2016 year.

The wider messenger functionality, the lesser you need to use other services. Thus, in one messenger chat you can send messages to your business partner, in other – discuss funny cats from YouTube with your friends and after that you can see your relatives via video. From that point of view, WhatsApp is just usual service for messaging, whereas competitors can offer to users much more features.

Messages with timer

Possibility of sending self-destructive messages is becoming more and more popular; demand on such services is increasing. Some people think that such service is necessary only for marginal population, which is sending prohibited information. But necessity in such feature can appear due to the ordinary fear of the situation when message or picture can be seen by someone wrong. In case of WhatsUp it is especially actual.


After creating bots for Telegram, Google and Microsoft drew attention to such mode of interaction with user. Such bot directed on helping user to solve tasks: some bots publish news, others help to find cheapest train tickets, and some bots can just play with you. Just that possibility to know the address of nearest restaurant, weather, recent news, don’t leaving messenger is making the bots such interesting. In addition, bots can help in case of weak internet connection, because they faster and need less traffic.


Stickers are funny things. And possibility of their creation by yourself is even better. But WhatsApp has neither first, nor second. And it is a barrier when you are trying to start informal conversation or want to answer with ready sticker.

Video calls

Rumors about video calls in WhatsApp are being spread already more than year. Now company is testing the feature and it is working only for those users who participates in testing new version of application. Similarly company was preparing to launching of voice calls. There is no point to wait something revolutionary from video calls in WhatsApp. More likely, that feature will repeat all that exist in other services.