Wool irish mens cap

In recent years, a great return of classic headgear has been observed. These are mainly flat caps and hats. This confirms that men’s fashion in the last seasons very willingly returns to the classics. This trend in men’s fashion can be seen in many areas, they are also worn by film stars. Nothing strange, elegant flat cap, will be a great complement to our outfit. If the cap will purchase in the universal color, may be a shade of gray, or black, then we will be able to compose them with many elements of our wardrobe. However, in the spring and winter season we can choose the color models, nowadays in shops you will find a very wide selection of this type of headgear. These hats have very many names, one of them is ivy cap, irish cap, jeff cap, the cabbie cap. Without a doubt made of good material will not only protect our head from the cold, but they will also look great. One of the most characteristic hats, is certainly a breton cap, a cap with a distinctive visor, in mass culture, breton cap, we can know from Fiddler on the Roof movie. Another hat popularized by television, will certainly newsboy cap, which Shelby brothers wear in the series “Peaky Blinders”. Cap which may be associated with breakthrough of the century. It does not have to be old fashion. It should be noted that peaky blinders flat cap is worn by modern men willingly. Surely its popularity affects the TV series, but also timeless fashions of this cap.