The world’s first 1000-core processor is released

The world’s first 1000-core processor is introduced at symposium “VLSI Technology and Circuits” in Honolulu. Development of the chip has been started in 2006 year with participation of the University of California experts and IBM engineers.

How does processor work?

1000-core processor consists of 621 million transistors. Its clock frequency is 1,78 GHz. Thereby, processor can carry out 1,78 trillion operations per second.

1000-core processorDevelopers note, that each core of KiloCore processor can act independently. When core does not participate in computation, it disconnects for power saving. Due to this, processor is highly power efficient.

Just imagine, to process 115 billion operations per second, processor needs only 0,7 Watt of power – so much power as in AA battery.

Earlier such projects also were created, but for research purposes and number of cores were not more than 300, whereas KiloCore will be supplied to consumers market. For instance, it will be applied for creation of mobile systems of video replay of high-definition, including streaming video.