XNSPY Review : A Complete Parental Control & Employ Monitoring App

While the act of tracking someone’s location secretly hasn’t been a new-found interest for a large pool of people, specially with the unrestricted extension of internet and its services across platforms, we, as parents, partners, employers or guardians at some point in time do feel a dire need to make ourselfs sure of what our close one’s or the people who matter to us are upto. What thereafter crosses our mind is a thought to spy across stuff that goes around on the devices of the person we intend to keep an eye on. Be it the Whatsapp or Messenger IM chats, texts, calls, location, emails and virtually everything a smartphone has to offer for communication, a responsible parent, a vigilant employer or a true partner does feel inclined to keep an unnoticed vigilance on the people we care about. While with a barrage of mobile spying apps/softwares making their way to the fore, each coming with a promise to offer the best spying solution, it does make one wonder what and how much do these spying apps have on offer in real! So then, for all those who are feeling a pain in their head trying to figure out the best mobile spying app across iOS and Android platforms, we bring to you a detailed review of one of the most competent, contemporary and compelling parental control and employ monitoring app on offer- the XNSPY.

What makes XNSPY stand out amongst its competition is the extensive list of features it comes loaded with. Right from spying phone calls, texts, IM chats, contacts, emails, photos and videos to remotely monitoring GPS location, recording surrounding sounds and virtually every online activity made on the target device, plus cross platform support with the XNSPY app being available on both Android and iOS, you name it and XNSPY has it! What further exaggerates the overall experience is the way XNSPY incorporates each of these feature into a seamlessly navigable dashboard panel. For all those who are now wondering how to get their hands on this very proficient mobile monitoring app, following is a complete set of tutorials that would guide you with virtually every information you may require to purchase, install, setup and get going with XNSPY. Take a look!  

XNSPY Review : A Complete Parental Control & Employ Monitoring App

XNSPY Review

XNSPY Review : How to Install

Well, to help users use this spying technique with the utmost ease, XNSPY app offers an extremely straightforward and easy installation setup. What comes as a prerequisite to this installation process is a Android or iOS compatible mobile or tablet, access to internet, and the XNSPY spy app for the respective OS platform. Thus then, to kickstart all of this, choose between 2 of the installation guides according to the OS platform and start spying/monitoring right away!

XNSPY Review : How it Works

  • Step 1 : Log Into XNSPY Control Panel – First up, log into the XNSPY Control Panel by simply clicking here and thereafter enter the credentials mailed to you by XNSPY team.
  • Step 2 : My Devices – Once you successfully log into your Control Panel setup, you can now see all of your active devices that you have the XNSPY mobile and tablet monitoring software installed in. You would further be provided with the designated name that you might like to assign to the phone/tablet linked, subscription details, renewal options and a dashboard where you get to have the sum-up of all the features XNSPY offers.
  • Step 3 : Spy effortlessly – You can thereafter choose from a plethora of options to spy exactly what you like. As mentioned above, XNSPY offers an extensive list of features that comes bundled with its subscription. Have a detailed look below.

Click here for a Live Demo of the product.

 XNSPY Review : Salient List of Features

XNSPY-spy-location-whatsapp-calls (2)

  • Monitor Phone Calls and Contacts

XNSPY is the easiest and safest way to get to know what your loved ones and employees are talking about and who they are in contact with. XNSPY lets you:

View call logs
View all contacts
Get alerts on specific caller(s)

  • Read SMS and Instant Messenger Chats

With XNSPY mobile and tablet monitoring app, you can remotely track what your family and staff are up to. Simply install the app in their phones or tablets and secretly check their:

Text messages
iMessage chats
Kik Chats
Line chats
Facebook Messenger Chats
Skype chats
Get alerts on specific word(s)

  • Track GPS Location

XNSPY lets you stay in the know by giving you all the GPS-related stats of your target phone or tablet holder. Log into the application control panel and instantly know where they are at the moment by tracking their:

Current Location
Location history
Monitor specific locations
Get alerts on specific location(s)

  • Read Emails and Monitor Online Activities

XNSPY makes it easy for you to monitor their email correspondence and online activities in absolute stealth mode. You can remotely monitor:

Sent and received emails
Gmail app emails
Monitor browsing history
Monitor bookmarks
Get alerts on specific word(s) and email address(s)

  • Record Phone Calls and Surroundings

XNSPY lets you bug your target mobile phone and tablet so you can listen to everything that your loved ones and staff talk about on and without their phones.

Record and listen to phone calls
Record and listen to phone surroundings

  • View Calendar Entries

XNSPY lets you track all the calendar activities and schedules on your kids and employees’ phones and tablets. With XNSPY, you can:

View all calendar entries

  • View Photos and Videos

With XNSPY, you can check all the multimedia files saved in their phones and tablets even on the move. Logging into your XNSPY Control Panel, you can:

View photos
Watch videos

  • Remotely Control Target Phone/Tablet

XNSPY places you in control so you don’t have to touch the target phone or tablet again. You can remotely check all the device-based activities and can also change settings, too. With XNSPY, you can remotely:

Lock target phone/tablet
Wipe target device data
Send commands to target device
Check apps installed in target device
Check online control panel

  • 24/7 Instant Alerts

Stay in the know 24/7 and never miss out on anything. XNSPY sends you instant alerts so nothing misses your watchful gaze. With XNSPY, you will receive:

Alerts on all or specific calls and contacts
Alerts on specific words in SMS, IM chats and emails
Alerts on specific locations
Alerts on SIM card changes

XNSPY Review : Compatible Devices

XNSPY-spy-location-whatsapp-calls (3)

One of the most significant features that make XNSPY one of the best spying apps in the class is the fact that the XNSPY app floats across both Android and iOS platforms, making it available to virtually every mobile phone user.

  • Android Device Compatibility : Works on Android OS Versions 2.3.x, 3.x, 4.x, 5.x & 6.x
  • iPhone/iPad Device Compatibility : Works on iOS Versions 6.x, 7.x, 8.x & 9.x

You can also check whether your particular device is compatible with XNSPY or not by clicking here.

XNSPY Review : Subscription Packages and Charges

  • Subscription packages for iPhone/iOS users with Non-jailbroken device – Click Here
  • Subscription packages for iPhone/iOS users with Jailbroken device – Click Here
  • Subscription packages for Android users – Click Here


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